Minor bug in file irq.h

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 1 07:58:12 EST 2006

In message <000201c63c44$14a9c1b0$5201a8c0 at GEG2400> you wrote:
> In the ./linux/include/asm-ppc/irq.h file, I encountered a problem with the
> timer3 interrupt definition :
> #define     SIU_INT_TIMER3          ((uint)0x0e+CPM_IRQ_OFFSET)
> This definition generates a compilation error  because is interpreted as

Note that this is not the only such definition. At least this one  is
critical, too:

	#define SIU_INT_PC1             ((uint)0x3e+CPM_IRQ_OFFSET)

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