Booting Linux Kernel without bootloader

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David H. Lynch Jr. wrote:

> Clint Thomas wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I have gone through the Linuxppc embedded and dev lists for 
>> information related to what I am trying to do, but was unable to find 
>> exactly what i'm looking for.
>> Basically, the system I want linux running on does not require the 
>> initialization of hardware that U-boot provides, or at least it does 
>> not need it to boot the linux kernel. I want to load an uncompressed 
>> linux kernel into memory and start the execution of the kernel, 
>> without using any kind of bootloader. Is this possible? Or does linux 
>> need some kind of firmware or other software to tell it to start 
>> executing? Thanks for any info you might have.
>     You system powers on. It starts executing whatever is at the reset 
> vector, Something has to get you from the ppc powering up and going to 
> never never land, to starting to execute Linux.
>     The steps to get from Power on to booting Linux may not be that 
> complicated, Much of what needs to be done can likely be included as 
> part of the code for your board in arch/ppc/boot/simple.
>     But something still has to be done.
>     In my instance I am dealing with a Xilinx V4 (not an ML403). A 
> small "monitor" program is automatically loaded as part of the FPGA 
> .bit image. On power on it starts executing.

Curious, how long does the V4 take to load up it's brain? (using a 
serial EEprom?)

>     It sets up the CPU, cache, and very minimal hardware 
> configuration, and then loads Linux out of flash and executes it.
>     Linux does not have to have alot setup to boot. But something has 
> to to some minimal initial setup, get Linux into the memory of your 
> system, and jump to it.
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