writing CCSR_BAR register for relocation?

Parav Pandit paravpandit at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 28 21:28:02 EST 2006


I am newbie to MPC8555, PowerPC family and u-boot.
Please guide me.

1. How can I read/write registers from the u-boot
similar to md/mm command? Basically I want to
read/write CCSR_BAR from the u-boot.

2. How can I read/write CCSRBAR register value from my
assembly program?
mfspr.mtspr ??? what is the register name??

3. By changing the default value of 0xFF70:0000 to
0xE000:0000 is sufficient to relocate the 1MB block or
anything else is also required?

4. I look at the u-boot code for tqm85xx, 8555cds, and
8555ads series of boards and it does something with
I don't understand why it modifies the TLB registers
whose purpose is only for the performance improvement?
Or we can use the TLB for something else also?

Parav Pandit

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