System Ace Driver Hangs.

Raja Chidambaram raja_chidambaram82 at
Fri Jul 28 21:03:56 EST 2006

 Hi all,

   I got the system Ace driver compiled in to linux
2.6.12 but once the board boot's up , the console
   Data machine check in kernel mode.
and continously runs the call trace.

when  i debugged the this problem on xsyace driver
codebase the it hangs  at function in & calls call
 -->   if (XSysAce_Initialize(&SysAce, cfg->DeviceId)

when further debugged the function XSysAce_Initialize
it call the funtion XSysAce_RegWrite16

  -->#if (XPAR_XSYSACE_MEM_WIDTH == 16)
    XSysAce_RegWrite16(InstancePtr->BaseAddress +

in further debugging on the function

 --> #if (XPAR_XSYSACE_MEM_WIDTH == 16)
void XSysAce_RegWrite16(u32 Address, u16 Data)
    u16 ConvertedData;
     * The ACE registers are little-endian always.
This code takes the incoming
     * 16-bit and endian converts it, then writes it
to the ACE register.
    XIo_ToLittleEndian16(Data, &ConvertedData);
    XIo_Out(Address, ConvertedData); /***** the
runs the call trace from this point ******/


I beleive their problem with  macro value in
               > xparameters.h

 can some one please explain how to specify the 
value for this macro mine is xccace-tq144i System ace
or else is their any other problem to solve.please
help me in this.thanks in advance.
                                       with regards


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