using BRAM for heavly used Code (on Virtex4fx)

Robert Zach so-logic rza1 at
Thu Jul 27 03:56:40 EST 2006


I am working on an ml403 board (virtex4 with ppc core). I am  
sucessfully using Linux 2.4 and 2.6.
I have done a few performance tests with networking, applications...

In the Virtex 4 is it possible to use BRAM(which are 10 times faster  
then the normal RAM)...
I would like to connect this BRAMS in a special address area...

1.1. Is it possible to write a linker script, that places heavly used  
Code(or importend Interrupt Routines...) of the kernel in my special  
Adress Area(on the BRAM)?
Has anyone already written such a Linker script?

1.2. Or do I have to tell the bootloader to copy the special  marked 
(how?) heavly used Code in this special Area?
Has anyone done such a thing?

2. Is there a way to tell the Kernel to place heavily used  
Application Code or Data automatically in my special Adress Area?
Has anyone worked on such a thing?

Nice greetings

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