SystemAce Driver.

Ameet Patil ammubhai at
Mon Jul 24 22:34:35 EST 2006

Hi Raja,
    I have ported the Xilinx System ACE driver to 2.6 kernel. Find the 
latest one here:

NOTE: this patch wouldn't work if you are using the TEMAC driver. In 
which case use the -after-TEMAC patch found in the patches folder above.

Check the following discussions (threads) for more details:
1. "Xilinx SystemACE driver for 2.6"
2. "Xilinx BSP for linux 2.6"
3. "Kernel hangs after "Now booting the kernel"."


Raja Chidambaram wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  We are working on customized board with amcc 440SPe
> processor & xilinx System Ace controller. The System
> Ace controller is connected to compact flash driver.
> We use u-boot 1.2 as bootloader & linux kernel
> 2.6.16-2.
> On the process the u-boot is able to detect compact
> flash through Xilinx SystemAce controller & able to
> load the kernel image into compact flash.But when the
> linux boot's up it not able to detect the System Ace
> controller or compact flash.
> Note:we need to have the root file system in compact
> flash.
> Is their any drivers available for SystemAce
> controller on linux 2.6,if their how to get it.please
> help me in this
>                                     with regards
>                                      raja
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