Reg. virtual address space in embedded linux

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Sat Jul 22 15:55:41 EST 2006

 Hi all
 We are porting third party driver code from vxworks to Embedded linux in MPC 8260 under a evaluation platform from Embedded Planet in linux kernel space.
  The first step we carried out was reading the chip id and we were able to read the chip id correctly.   For reading the chip id we used the routine ChipReadMemory in the attached text and we were able to retrive the chip id successfully.   Subsequently when we write and read from Chip Specific Control Status registers ,it didn't work.   I checked the manual and the Chip Specific Control Status registers have RW access.   Any inputs on how to check if the write we made to virtual address succeeds?   Is there a way to dump the linux virtual address and examine the write we made ?
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