Problem with ibm_emac driver

Ian Remmler ian at
Fri Jul 21 04:32:42 EST 2006


I'm having a problem with the ibm_emac driver for the built in
gigabit ethernet on the 440gx.  I was hoping someone could shed
some light or at least point me in the right direction.

I'm using a GMS P502 board runing 2.4.27-pre3 (from GMS).  The
problem we are having is this: when we push data over the emac
interface (eth0 and eth1 both show the problem), we sporadically
get a "MAL: Rx descriptor error..." from mal_rxde in

Occasionally, the interface will "freeze up" for a few seconds.
An ifconfig down/up will bring it back, but from then on it will
freeze up again right away.

It looks to me like this error indicates that we're out of RX
buffers, but I don't how we would be running out.  I'm no kernel
or networking expert, but I thought the TCP stack would take
care of throttling itself to prevent that sort of thing.  I
would appreciate any help.

    - Ian.

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