[Linux-ATM-General] mpc8360sar

Alex Zeffertt ajz at cambridgebroadband.com
Thu Jul 20 23:33:40 EST 2006

> Any reason we dont try to get your work up stream into the mainline kernel?
> - kumar

I'd like to see it upstreamed - the more people who use it the more help I get!

However, mpc8360sar is built on Freescale's BSP which adds basic support for the
board, the MPC832xE-MDS, to the stock linux kernel.  This support consists of the
following patches:

Patch0          : patch-2.6.11.bz2
Patch1          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-general-20060414.patch
Patch2          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-pci-3.patch
Patch3          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-pci-agent.patch
Patch4          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-watchdog.patch
Patch5          : linux-2.6.11-mpc83xx-sec2.patch
Patch6          : mpc832x-sec2v15-config-1.patch
Patch7          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-usb-gadget.patch
Patch8          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8349e-usb-host.patch
Patch9          : linux-2.6.11-mpc8360-general-1.patch
Patch10         : linux-2.6.11-mpc8360-pci-agent.patch
Patch11         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-basic-4.patch
Patch12         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-pci-agent.patch
Patch13         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-spi-1.patch
Patch14         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-BIT.patch
Patch15         : linux-2.6.11-mpc83xx-ct-1.patch
Patch16         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-usb-gadget.patch
Patch17         : linux-2.6.11-mpc832x-atm-1.patch

I guess there's no point upstreaming mpc8360sar until freescale have
upstreamed these patches (and ported them to the current kernel).


PS It's probable that mpc8360sar actually only requires a handful of
the above patches to be applied.

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