[Linux-ATM-General] mpc8360sar

Alex Zeffertt ajz at cambridgebroadband.com
Thu Jul 20 22:35:11 EST 2006


Yes, UBR and AAL0 work.  I've also added support for the qos parameters
min_pcr, pcr, and max_pcr.

I used ltib-mpc832xemds-20060615 as my base.  More details are on the

BTW, I left all your code in.  There's a simple config option now which
allows you to choose between the two drivers.


PS Thanks!

Li Tony-r64360 wrote:
> Hi, alex
> I am tony li.  I am glad to know that you add many features support.
> Do you have test the UBR and AAL0 ? I am lack of enviroment test them
> now.
> I have not read your code detailly.:)
> And which ltib release version is your base ? I have updated my code a
> little which contain a workaround for a bug.
> Tony.li  
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> Hi lists,
> I'm writing to announce a new project http://mpc8360sar.sourceforge.net
> .
> This is an ATM driver for the QUICC Engine (QE) of the PowerQUICC II Pro
> range of processors.  It is based on Tony Li's fsl-atm driver and my
> mpc8260sar driver.  I've basically used Tony's driver for the most low
> level stuff and ported a lot of extra functionality from my PQII driver.
> You will need the Linux BSP from Freescale to build this driver.
> I have only tested this driver on mpc832xe-mds, but it should also work
> on the mpc8360e-pb board.
> If you use mpc8360sar, please let me know how you get on.  In particular
> let me know if you work out how to stop the QE occaisionally corrupting
> the TCT when using external channels.
> Regards,
> Alex
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