reboot on PQ2FADS board.

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Jul 20 16:46:26 EST 2006

In message <f9a7e7a80607192046s3f17e8a5s4cfba43f1747e9ec at> you wrote:
> m8260_restart(char * cmd)
>         startaddr = 0x04400000; /* this is taken from u-boot-1.1.4 */

This is a random address which  happens  to  be  not  mapped  in  the
specific  board  (MPC8260ADS.h).  The approach taken here is strongly
deprecated - it is juat an examp[le of a badly maintained board.  In-
stead, I recommend to use an addrress which causes a checkstop on all
boards,  idependently of the cspecific memory map. This is what we do

> >         dummy = ((immap_t *)IMAP_ADDR)->im_clkrst.res[0];

In the end, the effect is the same.

And I have no idea why it would not work  on  your  board.  Attach  a
debugger and find out where exactly the code is hanging.

Ummm... and if you run under a debugger, *detach*  it  and  check  if
reset starts to work...

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