export-objs in spi Makefile broke in latest linuxppc_2_4_devel [r eposted]?

Rowan, Chad Chad.Rowan at thyssenkrupp.com
Thu Jul 20 05:13:15 EST 2006

Shouldn't export-objs in drivers/spi be:

export-objs	:= spi-core.o spi-algo-mpc5xxx.o spi-algo-mpc5xxx-psc.o \
		   spi-iti5200.o spi-eval.o

instead of:
export-objs	:= spi-core.o spi-algo-mpc5xxx.o spi-algo-mpc5200psc.o \
		   spi-iti5200.o spi-eval.o

I believe the spi-algo-mpc5200psc.o should be spi-algo-mpc5xxx-psc.o,

Excuse the previous post.  Office, hosed the format.

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