reboot on PQ2FADS board.

Mathieu Deschamps mathieu.deschamps at
Thu Jul 20 02:41:46 EST 2006


On Wednesday 19 July 2006 16:12, Lei Sun wrote:
> Hi :
>   I  tried your approach last ight, (in fact I copied part of the
> do_reboot() code from u-boot and put it in m8260_restart() function in
> the kernel).  The only difference is the first line,
>      volatile immap_t *immap = (immap_t *) IMAP_ADDR;
> in my case it is
>      volatile immap_t * immap = cpm2_immr;
> I am using different source tree.
> it simply hangs, rather then reset.

Give a try to :
	startaddr = 0xff000104;

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