Xilinx hard TEMAC

Ming Liu eemingliu at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 22:30:53 EST 2006

Hi David,

>The hardware I have to support is the Hard TEMAC on the LocalLink Bus.
>It is my understanding that this is the TEMAC builtin to the FX parts,
>not one that is created in the FPGA.

That's right. The hard Temac is a built-in hard core in virtex 4 FPGA. 

>Is anyone else working to support that configuration ? I think that is
>basically the same as the GRSD TEMAC.
>Is it sane to try to adapt the soft TEMAC patch from the list ?

I am working on that. But I am not so experienced and still working. :)

>I actually started trying to get the posted TEMAC patch working but that
>quickly went off the rails - I presumed because the hard and soft
>TEMAC's are just too different, or because the xilinx_edk really does
>not support the hard TEMAC.

I don't think so. I think the hard and soft cores are similar. I have 
included the enet drive in Linux 2.4 and it works well. Now I am including 
the Temac in 2.6 and have not see the result. 

>Regardless. I need to get a driver working, and I am not looking to
>duplicate effort.

I am doing that. So we can share our experience. 


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