some problems on the SystemACE driver.

Ming Liu eemingliu at
Fri Jul 14 07:41:58 EST 2006

Dear Ameet,

>1. Which TEMAC patch are you using?

There are five patches in the directory 20060309 whose address is listed 
above by you. I applied all of them in my system, because without any there 
will be problems. 

>2. After applying the patch, is the driver getting compiled directly
>without having to select it via "make menuconfig"?
No. there is an option named "xilinx 10/100/1000 Mbit TEMAC support" in the 
menuconfig. I must select it and then compile the kernel. 

>3. I don't see a Makefile in the drivers/net/xilinx_temac/ folder?
I have checked. In my kernel, there is the Makefile. I don't know why this 
happened to you.

Let me describe the detailed process I did. First, download the kernel (or 2.6.16-rc5). Then apply the five patches for Temac.(If I use, I need to upgrade some files manually. For 2.6.16, there is no 
problem.) And then apply the patch for SystemACE. Also copy and replace the 
xparameters_ml403.h by my own file generated by EDK. Then make menuconfig, 
selecting both Temac and SystemACE and other basic options. Then make dep 
and make zImage. During this process, I need to modify some little problems 
which are about the inclusion of some header files, or specify some lib 
inclusion directories instead. Then that problem appears. There are some 
main points: 1. configured for ml403 board. 2.both Temac and SystemACE are 
selected. 3. 5 patches for Temac and 1 patch for SystemACE. 4. linux 
version is 2.6.17 or 2.6.16. I really have no idea why this still happens 
after your modification. So I have to ask you again. 

>Ofcourse, I can work my way to compile the driver. But is there any doc.
>present explaining this?
Sorry that there is no doc to explain this. I just did following the 
procedure described above. I am totally lost. The strange thing is, when I 
select only one of these two drivers, no problem, but if both, problem. 

By the way, I noticed that in the address where I get your patch, there is 
also a patch called linuxppc- which is much larger 
than the 1.1 one. I needn't apply the 1.0 one, right? 

Thanks for your hard work. Hopefully we can solve the problem. 


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