help regarding powerpc and vga card

sudheer urwithsudheer at
Thu Jul 13 18:42:38 EST 2006

Hello All

I am working on a  powerpc board. I have placed the board on a PCI 
backplane and connected a PCI VGA card to the same. PCI enumuration from 
u-boot does not detect my VGA card whereas it detects other cards like 
ethernet in the same slot.

The VGA card details are as follows.

Vendor ID=0x1002 Device ID= 0x4752
Name: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL

The VGA card is universal compatible. It is working with X86 PC.

In my target system , I have tested adding the vendor id and and device 
id in the u-boot/include/pci_ids.h and declared   the pci_device_id 
in  a new  header file. uboot/include/vga_ragexl.h   . Even then card is 
not getting detected.

Anyone please help me if i am missing anything.

Thanks & Regards
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