regarding lspci

Sergei Shtylyov sshtylyov at
Tue Jul 11 21:59:00 EST 2006


rahul wrote:

> I am facing some problem in applying the patch.

> I have copied the pacth to a file "patch-pciutils"

> [root at localhost pciutils-2.1.11]# file patch-pciutils
> patch-pciutils: 'diff' output text
> [root at localhost pciutils-2.1.11]#
> when i gave the command :
> [root at localhost pciutils-2.1.11]# patch -p1 patch-pciutils
> .
> .
> Nothing happens even after 3/4 i am stopping it by ctrl+c.
> None of the files are edited.

    No wonder, patch(1) expects the patch to be fed thru stdin, so you should 
have typed:

patch -p1 < patch-pciutils

> Thanks & Regards
> Rahul

WBR, Sergei

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