board hangs during reboot

E B eranpublic at
Mon Jul 10 00:01:08 EST 2006


When I tried to restart the board (using reboot
command), after all services being shut down, the
board hangs .The last printed line is "Restarting
system." .
I implemented the restart api as follows:

        u32 jumpaddr=0xfff00100;
	u32 defaultmsr=MSR_IP;


	__asm__ __volatile__("\n\
	mtspr   26, %1  /* SRR0 */
	mtspr   27, %0  /* SRR1 */
	: "r" (defaultmsr), "r" (jumpaddr));
	 * Not reached

I'm using IBM750Gl cpu .

Does anyone familiar with this ?



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