what is the MPC8260 spi maximum rate ?

hubert.loewenguth hubert.loewenguth at thales-bm.com
Tue Jul 4 18:12:19 EST 2006

Hi everybody

I have a question about the spi on the MPC8260.
I have written a driver for this controller but there is something in 
the MPC8260 documentation I don't understand:

It is written in MPC8260 documentation (SPI chapter) : " The maximum 
sustained data rate that the SPI supports is SYSTEMCLK/50. However the 
spi can transfer a single character at much higher rates (SYSTEMCLK/4 in 
master mode)".

My really stupid question is ...... what is "SYSTEMCLK" ???????
is it the BRG_CLK ? the CPM_CLK or the CPU_CLK ????

Seeing that in the SPMODE register, the maximum SPI CLK possible is 
BRG_CLK/4, I imagine that this "SYSTEMCLK" is BRG_CLK, but this looks 
very strange .....

This question is quite stupid but very important for me in order to know 
if that controller permit to exchange data with one of our extention 
board at 1.2 MHz.

Anybody knows ?
Thanks very much for any help .
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