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I found a page about MVME cards on the web posted by you... I was  
trying to fix a problem with a machine running  OS9, so I was asking  
to myself if you could help me. I would be very happy if you took few  
minutes to consider this mail...

So, my problem is about booting a Motorola MVME 162-223 card. I have  
changed the battery necessary to back-up the card parameters (and  
probably other types...) in NVRAM but now the card is unable to  
autoboot and stays in Bug mode. All hardware tests are passed. I have  
reinitialized it (with bf and env;d comands) but it is still  
impossible to boot. I do not understand because the OS9 system seems  
to be stored on a flash memory. The card is unable to find the  
localization of  Operating System boot file.

I am really sorry to disturb you... but any idea would be useful for  
me. Power Pc is not an architecture I am familiar with and now few  
people have knowledge about this system.



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