PPC405 system slow boot

Peter Ryser peter.ryser at xilinx.com
Tue Aug 29 10:45:28 EST 2006


check the interrupt sub-system of your design. What you describe 
typically happens when the PPC does not get any interrupts from the 
UART. It's most likely a mismatch between your hardware and the 

- Peter

Clint Thomas wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I've run through the loops to try and figure what could be wrong with 
> this system. The board in question is modeled after the Xilinx ML300 
> board. It uses a Xilinx System ACE chip to load a FPGA / Kernel image 
> from compact flash. Originally, I was trying to use the CompactFlash 
> as the root file system, but because of issues in either the design or 
> software, this would only work if SysAce was in polled I/O mode. To 
> circumvent this, I built my root filesystem into an initrd image and 
> built a single ELF file with the Kernel and RFS, then strapped that to 
> the FPGA bit file to make a single FPGA/Kernel/RFS SysAce file.
> Upon decompression, the Linux kernel boots quickly and loads all of 
> the device drivers. However when it gets to the prompt, it starts 
> slowing down. Output and input to and from the board becomes very very 
> slow (it displays 2 characters roughly every 20 seconds). Originally I 
> believed this to be the CPU still polling SystemAce, so I disabled the 
> Linux System ACE drivers to remove that as a possibility, however 
> after doing this, the problem still persists, even with the RFS in 
> ram! Has anybody encountered a similar situation to this before, with 
> possible insight towards a solution? Thank you for your time.
> Clinton Thomas
> cthomas at soneticom.com
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