Platform device style question

Ben Warren bwarren at
Fri Aug 25 03:53:17 EST 2006


A 'newbie-to-platform-devices' question:

In a patch that Kumar just sent for a compact flash device, the resource
data (I/O addresses, IRQ # etc.) are retrieved from the platform system.
I guess I can either modify the device tree in U-boot by adding
additional nodes, or instantiate a platform device in Linux __init code
based on static information.  The former gives the advantage of having
the bootloader pass the info to the OS.  (Somebody please correct me if
I'm off-base here!)  

Are device trees meant to only contain information about the CPU and
tightly-coupled peripherals, or is it considered OK-form to also include
board-level hardware info?  I guess they can really hold anything, but
I'm trying to figure out the original intent.


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