MontaVista 2.6 Kernel support for Xilinx ML40x

Wade Maxfield wmaxfield at
Fri Aug 25 01:36:43 EST 2006

  I've got the LSP, and have booted it on the ML40X.

  In my opinion it is currently unstable, but that is my opinion.  I've not
been able to keep it powered up for 24 hours without it locking up on the
RS232 serial terminal.  Also, running updatedb over nfs causes it to abort
with a kernel panic, although that might be an interraction with the nfs
server.  (Although even if the nfs server dies (which it did not), I don't
expect a kernel panic).

   I have had it run over 6 hours without issue, so I expect subtle memory
leaks, not serious problems.

On 8/24/06, Claus Gindhart <claus.gindhart at> wrote:
> Frank,
> due to my understanding of the GPL (and i have already invested some time
> in understanding the various flavours of open source licences), you should
> contact Montavista, and ask them for the sources.
> This board adaption is derivative work of the GPL Kernel, so the result of
> this work also falls under the GPL, and has to be made freely available
> under the terms of the GPL.
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> Subject: MontaVista 2.6 Kernel support for Xilinx ML40x
> I noticed that MontaVista now has their Pro 4.0 version (2.6 Kernel)
> available for the Xilinx ML40x series of boards.  I would assume that
> means driver support for at least most of the hardware on the boards.
> Is this code that should be freely available?  How would one get a copy
> of these drivers?  I am interested in drivers for the ML403.
> Thanks,
> Frank
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