MontaVista 2.6 Kernel support for Xilinx ML40x

Michael Galassi mgalassi at
Fri Aug 25 01:17:51 EST 2006

I too had high hopes when I heard an LSP for the ML40x was imminent, I
nabbed it and was disappointed to find that their drivers still only
support relatively old versions of the Xilinx IP.  It would seem that
they are still creating the design they ported to with EDK/ISE v7.2
rather than the newer 8.1 or 8.2 with updated IP libraries.  This is
from the xparameters_ml40x.h file they distribute.
* CAUTION: This file is automatically generated by libgen.
* Version: Xilinx EDK 7.1.2 EDK_H.12.5.1
* Copyright (c) 2005 Xilinx, Inc.  All rights reserved.
* Description: Driver parameters



>I noticed that MontaVista now has their Pro 4.0 version (2.6 Kernel) 
>available for the Xilinx ML40x series of boards.  I would assume that 
>means driver support for at least most of the hardware on the boards.  
>Is this code that should be freely available?  How would one get a copy 
>of these drivers?  I am interested in drivers for the ML403.

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