CompactFlash on PQII Pro

Ben Warren bwarren at
Thu Aug 24 08:16:42 EST 2006


I have a custom board where we've hung a CompactFlash on the local bus
of an MPC8349 processor, intending to use it in 'True IDE' mode.  The
closest thing I've found in the kernel tree is
drivers/ide/ppc/ide-m8xx.c, although it's *very* possible I'm not
looking in the right place.  

I believe my chip's local bus is similar to the 8xx, so making this
driver work with my hardware doesn't seem like that big a deal.  I fully
expect to have to monkey with UPM timings among other things.  On the
other hand, this seems like something other people would have done,
maybe with one of the other PQ families like 82xx or 85xx.

Does anyone have a patch, suggestions or flames they can throw my way?


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