TEMAC problem on ML403 with U-boot.

Frank D Lombardo lombardo at mdivac.com
Thu Aug 24 01:08:49 EST 2006

Ming Liu wrote:
> Dear Frank,
> In your ML403 design which is booted by U-boot, do you use the normal
> 10/100M Enet MAC or TEMAC? Is TEMAC supported by U-Boot 1.1.4? In my
> design I use TEMAC and it works well when I boot my Linux directly
> using Xilinx EDK bootloader. However it fails when using U-boot......
> Thanks for your telling.
> Regards
> Ming
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The ML403 reference design from Xilinx uses the 10/100 Ethernet MAC and
works with U-Boot 1.1.4. The Xilinx GSRD design uses the ll_temac and it
does not work with U-Boot. We have decided that it would not be worth
the effort to port the ll_temac driver to work with U-Boot. However, if
anybody has done so, I would be interested.


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