reboot on PQ2FADS board.

Liu Dave-r63238 DaveLiu at
Fri Aug 18 11:45:21 EST 2006

Hi Liu,
please try this..
     u32 msr;
     volatile immap_t *immap = (immap_t *) IMAP_ADDR;
     /* Interrupts and MachineCheck off */
     __asm__ __volatile__ ("mfmsr    %0":"=r" (msr):);
     msr &= ~(MSR_ME | MSR_EE);
     __asm__ __volatile__ ("mtmsr    %0"::"r" (msr)); 
     immap->im_clkrst.car_rmr = 1;    /* Checkstop Reset enable */

     immap->resxxx = 0;        /* please find one immap illegal address
                                   access it, trig reset */
     for (;;);


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	Did you sovlve the problem? I have same issue for the  PQ2FADS


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