boot kernel 2.6.18 is hang???

Milton Miller miltonm at
Thu Aug 17 23:02:54 EST 2006

On  Wed Aug 16 2006 04:11:03 AM CDT, jie han wrote:
> I am trying to take a working embedded linux system from kernel 2.4 to 
> 2.6. The hardware is a custom board using a mpc8270vr processor.
> The working system uses u-boot 1.1.4 with linux kernel 2.4.24.
> I am using the same u-boot and I am trying to port linux kernel 2.6.18. 
> I believe I have done everything required to get the kernel booting. However, the kernel 
> seems to hang after being uncompressed. Here is what I see after running 
> bootm from u-boot:
> log_buf context is
> OLT=> md 1b9d60 100
> 001b9d60: c020c0a4 00004000 00000000 ffffffff    . .... at .........
> 001b9d70: 00000001 c01b9d74 c01b9d74 00000001    .......t...t....
> 001b9d80: c01b9d80 c01b9d80 ffffffff 61637175    ............acqu
> 001b9d90: 6972655f 636f6e73 6f6c655f 73656d00    ire_console_sem.
> 001b9da0: 63616c6c 5f636f6e 736f6c65 5f647269    call_console_dri
> 001b9db0: 76657273 00000000 ffffffff 00000001    vers............
> Any ideas would be appreciated.

On 2.6, log_buf is a pointer so that the kernel can switch to a different
sized dynamically allocated buffer on command line request.   You
can just follow it to find out what to read, or just lookup __logbuf
which is the initial value and used when you don't specify a new size.


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