No Clock on SPI

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Wed Aug 16 02:45:21 EST 2006


I´m writing a Driver for SPI. That is not working now.
I have a MPC8260 using Linux 2.6.14 (rheap patch).

Did someone else write a driver for SPI on this µC or an other driver? So I can see what i did wrong?

My SPCOM[STR] flag isn´t cleared automatically after one clock cycle.
What here going wrong ? ( I know this register is write only)
There is also no Clock on my SPICLK.

How I have to allocate the Memory for the BD´s and the buffer for the BD´s?

Is there something special when I allocate Memory for my Parameter Ram?

Is something wrong with the 2.6 Kernel so i have to use the 2.4 Kernel ?

I hope somebody could help. Thx



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