PCI driver on EB8347

rajan rai Rajan.Rai at ingenient.com
Fri Aug 11 19:15:26 EST 2006

                      I'm using polling mechanism and not interrupts in my driver. Although I'm not using polling I see strange behavior When I do lspci -v I don't see any interrupts being allocated to PCI device behind PCI bridge !!!! But when I use same card directly on primary bus I do see interrupt being allocated to PCI device. Any advise why IRQ's being not allocated in case its attached to PCI bridge ?
                              Do I need to take care of any extra configuration in case of PCI card is attached to PCI bridge ?
Yaa you are correct I shouldn't use CONFIG_85xx_PCI2


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Rajan>        I have written PCI driver which works fine along with
MPC8347 and two PCI
Rajan> card connected in a single PCI bus. When I try to communicate
same PCI card
Rajan> using PCI bridge ( PCI2050B ), Linux does detect PCI card on
Secondary bus
Rajan> but same driver doesn't work !!!!

PCI interrupt for secondary bus set up properly?
Rajan>        Do I need to enable support for second PCI host controller
at kernel level to
Rajan>make it work? Or I need to do something else ? I tried compiling
PPC-linux kernel
Rajan> after enabling CONFIG_85xx_PCI2 kernel doesn't compile it gives
me error while
Rajan>compiling "arch/ppc/syslib/ppc83xx_setup.c" Kernel version I'm
using is 2.6.13.

Why you enable CONFIG_85xx_PCI2 in kernel? It is for 85xx, but you are
using 8347 processor.



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