XUPV2P, Kernel 2.6.17 boot problem

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Sat Aug 5 01:35:28 EST 2006

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
>>>>>> "DHL" == David H Lynch <dhlii at dlasys.net> writes:
>>> Linux/PPC load: console=ttyS0,9600.....
>>> Uncompressing Linux...inflate returned FFFFFFFB exit
> DHL>     Zlib was upgraded with 2.6.17. The updated Zlib is broken on
> DHL> ppc32.  I am pretty certain it is fixed in 2.6.18-rc3
> No, that was ony added in 2.6.18-rc1 (and the fix was only added
> post-rc3), so that can't be it..
    I am not sure of the details, but I had the exact same problem, I
used "git bisect" to isolate it.
    and it bisected down to the Zlib patch I backed that out and I was
able to go from all the way to 2.6.18-rc2.
    I beleive there is another problem of some kind that effects Xilinx
ppc's that went in and got fixed between and 2.6.18-rcx.
    Though my symptoms were different for that one, and I was never able
to isolate it because even though I could not get 2.6.17 to work,
    The stuff in the 2.6 git tree did.
    Have you tried 2.6.18.x to see if your stuff works with it ?

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