IBM OCP GPIO driver for linux 2.6

Arnd Bergmann arnd.bergmann at
Thu Aug 3 23:54:59 EST 2006

On Thursday 03 August 2006 13:15, Jean-Baptiste Maneyrol wrote:
> Let me known if a port exists, or if there is a new way of accessing the
> PPC 405GP GPIO under linux 2.6. Otherwise, I will port this driver using
> the IBM IIC driver as an example (for the things about OCP). In this
> case, do anybody know where I can have the last version of this driver
> (I have v 1.7 (07/25/02)) ? 

The only OCP drivers that exist in the tree are for emac and iic.
Those will probably be converted to use something like of_platform_device
in the future, as soon as 4xx gets converted to arch/powerpc.

If you need to port the driver now, it's probably a good idea to use
a platform_driver instead of an ocp driver for it.

	Arnd <><

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