Xilinx TEMAC

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Thu Aug 3 16:35:06 EST 2006

Ameet Patil wrote:
>  > Did you happen to get an Ethernet mac going on the virtex2 or
>  > virtex4 with the 2.6 kernel?
> Nope! :-(
> Rumour has it that Montavista is soon going to release the source for 
> 2.6 kernel to run on Xilinx platforms.
    I have 2 different TEMAC's working under 2.6 with a V4.

    The MontaVista driver that has been posted on the list that I think
is from MontaVista for the PLB TEMAC with very minor modifications to
get it to work at speeds other than GigaBit.

    A driver I wrote for the LocalLink TEMAC that works limpingly. I
have been unable to figure out how to get a receive interrupt from the
LocalLink TEMAC so receives are polled and performance is poor.
    I have pretty much abandoned work on it  - my client wants the
smallest possible FPGA footprint BUTanother OS I am porting requires
interrupt driven  IO and we are looking for a single minimal hardware
implimentation for all platforms.

    Anyway, if anyone wants the LL TEMAC in its current state I can post it.
    Currently it sends fine. It drops about 50% of all received packets
- but that is probably debugging overhead and poll rate tuning.

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