MPC8272ADS and frame buffer

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Sat Jan 29 04:31:47 EST 2005

Bora Þahin wrote:

>Hi Federico,
>FL> I meant that you have to stress-test the bus connection that you are
>FL> going to use to whatever graphic hardware you
>FL> select - you cannot count on embedded hardware being bleeding-edge 
>FL> performance, and you are going to play 25 or 30 frames a second over 
>FL> that bus -- it is a lot of data, and you have bandwidth (hopefully not a 
>FL> problem with pci) and jitter (delay variance) constraints.
>Sory for the late answer...
>I see you. In fact I know it but some blurry situations is matter. We use IBM-PPC. It has
>CoreConnect bus. I dont know implementation details of it but it has three different buses. One is
>PLB. This is for speedy ones. PCI bridge is in this bus also. AFAIK, data and addres bus of it is
>decoupled. Clock speed is also high. I think it also support burst mode. So in the light of these
>infos it seems enough. So PCI is enough, this one sholud be enough also.
>But as you said, we should take into consideration that these cpus and buses are embedded and at
>some points, may have clipped version of desktop brothers.
Exactly. And even when the cpu is not clipped, the board might be (I am 
handling right now a fully complete Motorola MPC8272 based design, the 
chip supports PCI burst, the board design, however, does not).


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