MPC8272ADS and frame buffer

Federico Lucifredi flucifredi at
Thu Jan 27 11:20:55 EST 2005

Bora Þahin wrote:

>Hello Federico,
>Thanks for the infos...
>FL> You also 
>FL> want to test that the buffer setup of the whole thing is designed 
>FL> correctly for the kind of response and thruput you will need... I have 
>FL> seen reports on the mailing list of people having trouble b/c of some 
>FL> crippleware used in bus implementations.
>I dont understand it exactly. May you able to explain it a bit clearly?
>Thanks for the infos...
I meant that you have to stress-test the bus connection that you are 
going to use to whatever graphic hardware you
select - you cannot count on embedded hardware being bleeding-edge 
performance, and you are going to play 25 or 30 frames a second over 
that bus -- it is a lot of data, and you have bandwidth (hopefully not a 
problem with pci) and jitter (delay variance) constraints.


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