target board NFS mounting timeout

Alireza Sadri arsadri at
Thu Jan 27 00:00:39 EST 2005

Hi , 

I have a problem with mounting NFS by an external
board on my host.

kernel doesn't mount NFS for the first time it boots
(or sometimes for second time ) but when i reset the
board another time , it can find the server , i must
add that if the time between two tryings gets too much
, it will fail to mount it even for the second time i

I used ethereal (watched the packets of Ethernet) and 
saw that server sends status of last packet OK for
mounting NFS , but the client didn't mount it . I
think it is because , the timeout of client (kernel)
is not enough. or maybe the problem is due to my
server's settings.

has anyone faced similar problem , or can anyone help
me please?

i use a 82xx and ELDKv3 kernel v2.4.24 as target , and
a SuSE9.1 as my host . i have stablished my NFS server
using YAST2.

Best regards,
Alireza Sadri.

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