Serial console problem on MPC8272ADS board

ning ningmin at
Sun Jan 23 19:56:51 EST 2005

Hello to all

I am trying to use ttyS1(SCC4) as Linux serial console
port on on MPC8272ADS board.
but it doesn't work. 
My linux kernel is 2.4.22,and using u-boot-1.1.1 as a
Linux kernel doesn't output any log information after
u-boot's message:
 Uncompressing kernel Image ...  OK
If I use ttyS0(SCC1) as a serial console port,Linux will
startup successfully.

  CPM UART driver version 0.01
  ttyS0 at 0x8000 is a SCC
  ttyS1 at 0x8300 is a SCC

I found serial console port seems be defined in
but it doesn't work enen if I change

I wonder serial console port only can be set to
ttyS0(SCC1) on MPC8272ADS?


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