FW: cpm_spi.c under kernel 2.6

David Jander david.jander at protonic.nl
Thu Jan 20 05:47:16 EST 2005

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 17:49, annamaya wrote:
> That reminds me that I need to make the spi driver
> available somewhere all the time. But I am not sure
> when I will be able to do that. Meanwhile, you should
> be able to start of with the old driver for the 8xx
> that should be around somewhere under the rubble. :-)
> Or, you can start off with the sample code in u-boot
> that was derived from the original driver.

I just wanted to add, that if anyone is going to get busy again with the 8xx 
SPI driver(s) in u-boot and linux-2.4, I'd like to know, since I am too.
In u-boot there are two 8xx-SPI-drivers, one software and one in hardware, and 
they seem both broken now (I'm still using CVS versions around 1.1.2 
somewhere maybe I should cvs update :-)
Specifically spi_xmit() get each other in the way. There are two such 
functions in u-boot, both non-static and with (very) different prototypes, so 
I am starting to figure out the best way of fixing that mess. Is anyone busy 
with the same task?


David Jander
Protonic Holland.

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