[PATCH] Handle I-TLB Error and Miss separately on 8xx

Tom Rini trini at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Jan 15 05:05:11 EST 2005

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 06:56:58PM +0100, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> > > Your patch will fix this. 
> > > I havn't seen it go in yet, will you submit the patch to Linus/Marcelo?
> > 
> > I was hoping Marcelo would pick this up since I thought he was on the
> > list.  I'll re-poke him.  For 2.6, the app in question crashes
> > differently, prior to hitting this bug, but I do want to get it pushed
> > out.  I've just been swamped lately.
> Is 2.6 on 8xx stable for you(except for this app)? I was under the impression that
> 2.6 was a bit flaky due to an unidentified MM bug.

No, I don't believe it's very stable (this wa the first chance I've had
in a while to fire up my rpxlite).

Tom Rini

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