Kernel 2.6.x to MPC8540/Microsys Board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Jan 14 22:31:21 EST 2005

In message <41E7A410.6060008 at> you wrote:
> Now I 've tried the official 2.6.10 Kernel and (cross-)compiled it
> within ELDK 3.1 (btw: is there any difference in between ppc_6xx- and 
> ppc_82xx- ?) which works fine, too.

ppc_82xx is a symbolic link ppc_6xx

> Which is the best Kernel source tree to start porting 2.6.x to the pm854 
> platform? I would prefer to stuck with the official sources. Is that a 
> good idea?


> Is it a good idea to just 'copy' the pm854 platform specific files (PCI 
>   initialization and some MTD driver options) to the 2.6.10 tree and see
> how it works?

Copy from where? from 2.4? No.

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