i2c on mpc5200

ivica at asist-traffic.com ivica at asist-traffic.com
Wed Jan 5 21:29:07 EST 2005

Sylvain Munaut wrote:

> Are you sure it doesn't work ?
> On my system there are no I2C init message either, the driver is just 
> not noisy ... (unless you activate all the I2C debug stuff).

Debug stuff didn't output any messages. Then I simply listed kernel 
symbol table and grep for i2c. This is what I got.:
# cat proc/kallsyms |grep i2c

c00e4134 T i2c_device_probe
c00e413c T i2c_device_remove
c00e4144 t i2c_adapter_dev_release
c00e4168 t i2c_adapter_class_dev_release
c00e41bc t i2c_client_release
c00e4210 T i2c_add_adapter
c00e447c T i2c_del_adapter
c00e4758 T i2c_add_driver
c00e48a4 T i2c_del_driver
c00e4adc t __i2c_check_addr
c00e4b20 T i2c_check_addr
c00e4be8 T i2c_adapter_id
c00e4bf0 T i2c_attach_client
c00e4dec T i2c_detach_client
c00e4f48 t i2c_dec_use_client
c00e4f4c T i2c_use_client
c00e4f98 T i2c_release_client
c00e4ff8 T i2c_clients_command
c00e512c t i2c_device_match
c00e5134 t i2c_bus_suspend
c00e5194 t i2c_bus_resume
c00e51f4 T i2c_transfer
c00e5304 T i2c_master_send
c00e5438 T i2c_master_recv
c00e55b4 T i2c_control
c00e56a4 T i2c_get_adapter
c00e57a8 T i2c_put_adapter
c00e57dc T i2c_smbus_partial_pec
c00e5870 T i2c_smbus_pec
c00e58a4 T i2c_smbus_add_pec
c00e5994 T i2c_smbus_check_pec
c00e5ad0 T i2c_get_functionality
c00e5b10 T i2c_check_functionality
c00e5b4c T i2c_smbus_xfer
c00e6130 T i2c_smbus_read_i2c_block_data
c00e61b8 T i2c_smbus_block_process_call
c00e627c T i2c_smbus_write_block_data
c00e6304 T i2c_smbus_write_word_data
c00e6348 T i2c_smbus_read_word_data
c00e6398 T i2c_smbus_write_byte_data
c00e63dc T i2c_smbus_read_byte_data
c00e642c T i2c_smbus_write_byte
c00e646c T i2c_smbus_read_byte
c00e64bc T i2c_smbus_write_quick
c00e64e0 T i2c_probe
c00e6a2c T i2c_dev_get_by_minor
c00e6a40 T i2c_dev_get_by_adapter
c00e6a80 t return_i2c_dev
c00e6b0c t i2cdev_read
c00e6c20 t i2cdev_write
c00e6d30 T i2cdev_ioctl
c00e74e0 t i2cdev_open
c00e7580 t i2cdev_release
c00e75c8 t release_i2c_dev
c00e75ec t i2cdev_attach_adapter
c00e77b4 t i2cdev_detach_adapter
c00e7868 t i2cdev_detach_client
c00e7870 t i2cdev_commandc00e7878 T i2c_detect
c00e7d74 T i2c_which_vrm
c00e7da0 t mpc_i2c_isr
c00e7e20 t i2c_wait
c00e953c t i2c_start
c00e95e0 t i2c_repstart
c00e9790 t i2c_stop
c00e9904 t i2c_outb
c00ea71c T i2c_bit_add_bus
c00eace4 T i2c_bit_del_bus
c00ead04 t i2c_start
c00ead8c t i2c_repstart
c00eae14 t i2c_stop
c00eb608 T i2c_pcf_add_bus
c00eb8e8 T i2c_pcf_del_bus
c00ec1c4 T i2c_pca_add_bus
c00ec2e4 T i2c_pca_del_bus
c01569a0 t i2c_exit
c01569e0 t i2c_dev_exit
c0156a34 t mpc_i2c_remove
c01b7e20 t i2c_init
c01b7e7c t i2c_dev_init
c01b7f40 t mpc_i2c_probe

I think this proves i2c support is in the kernel. Right?


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