Gigibit ethernet ports on Ocotea + 2.6.10

Howard, Marc Marc.Howard at
Fri Feb 25 13:42:40 EST 2005


Are there any patches to 2.6.10 that are needed to make the gigabit
ethernet ports (eth2 and eth3) work on Ocotea?  I can boot on eth2 using
U-Boot and get to the point where linux is (supposedly) making a BOOTP
request (although there is no traffic present on that interface).
According to my archive searching the fixes should already be in there.
Is there a pending patch repository somewhere?

As a side question are there any kernel command line options that would
force eth2 to a fixed IP address?  I'm currently using:

console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/nfs rw

...but this of course doesn't associate eth2 with the desired IP address


Marc W. Howard

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