mpc5200: "len bad" messages from tftp (u-boot 1.1.1)

Caruso, Nick ncaruso at
Thu Feb 24 01:12:06 EST 2005


We are seeing repeated errors during downloads using the tftp client built into u-boot version 1.1.1.
The error message we see is:

"len bad 494 < 544"

I believe the messages must be generated by the following snippet of code from u-boot-1.1.1/net/net.c:

 case PROT_IP:
#ifdef ET_DEBUG
                puts ("Got IP\n");
                if (len < IP_HDR_SIZE) {
                        debug ("len bad %d < %d\n", len, IP_HDR_SIZE);
                if (len < ntohs(ip->ip_len)) {
                        printf("len bad %d < %d\n", len, ntohs(ip->ip_len));

The error is recoverable and occurs erratically - sometimes we see long strings of "#"'s between errors, and other times errors occur every couple of "#"'s.  We always seem to end up with a good download.

We don't see this problem using the freescale Lite5200 boards, but we do see it on our custom mpc5200 boards.

Can anyone suggest where we should look to diagnose this problem?  Perhaps it's hardware related, although I suppose it could be a configuration problem in the way u-boot is setting up the ethernet device - once we boot into linux we don't see many errors -- according to ifconfig, anyway.

Pinging the board from another machine also shows no errors.

  thanks and best regards
    Nick Caruso

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