Ethernet doesn't work in linux for PPC440GP?

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at
Wed Feb 23 19:02:04 EST 2005

> > zmii0: input 0 in SMII mode
> > eth0: IBM emac, MAC 00:04:ac:e3:1b:bb
> > eth0: Found Generic MII PHY (0x08)
> > zmii0: input 1 in RMII mode
> > eth1: IBM emac, MAC FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
> > eth1: Found Generic MII PHY (0x09)
> I already told you that this is wrong, why are you asking again?
> Please, if you asking questions, spend some time reading answers
> given to you, before asking again.

Well, don't be mad at me first. The question may bring out another
round of arguments whether it's a bug related to uboot or linux EMAC
driver. Wolfgang makes it very clear that this is a bug in linux
ethernet driver. And I agree with him. This argument happened before
and I just forgot what specific ethernet driver was in the argument.

> Ebony uses RMII, so SMII is obviously wrong. Most probably your
> firmware doesn't set correct mode and autodetection in the EMAC driver
> fails.

So the EMAC driver does expect a boot loader (the firmware you
mentioned here) to set something for it. Then I think I need to fix it
in this driver instead of in uboot.


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