Cross-compile kernel modules

Markus Westergren markus.westergren at
Sun Feb 20 20:49:50 EST 2005


I'm trying to get loadable kernel modules support on a Adder development board.
The kernel is cross-compiled on an regular PC and boots fine but I can't insert
any modules into the running kernel, all I get is undefined reference for all
functions called by the module. I use the kernel module utilities (insmod,
lsmod, modprobe) supplied by BusyBox to manage the modules on the Adder board.

What am I doning wrong? Do I need to perform any aditional steps when
cross-compiling kernel modules? My cross-compile toolchain have no depmod so I
have no modules.dep file. But I only need it if a module depend on other
modules, right?


Markus Westergren
Biologigrand 17
907 32 Umea

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