[PATCH][PPC32] PPC4xx ocp ide rewrite/cleanup

Andre' Draszik andid at gmx.net
Sat Feb 19 20:28:37 EST 2005


Matt Porter wrote:
> Ok, this one looks good save a few minor things that need done:

i will address these as soon as i have time again, i.e. on wednesday.

> 1) Rename from ibm_ocp_ide.[c|h] to ibm_stb_ide.[c|h] We want
>    rid of "ocp" in the file names since eventually 4xx will
>    convert to platform devices.

is diff -N appropriate for that and convenient for you? as said, i'm using 
the rsync mirror only, no bitkeeper.

> 2) Remove the #if 0'ed code...if it's not used it doesn't belong
>    in there.


> 3) Run Lindent on the driver.

Shall I send the new patch against the one I already sent or against the 
unpatched tree?

> What systems have you tested on?

On two different custom built boards both based on the redwood5 reference 


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