High processing power and gigabit interface

emre kara emrekara2002 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 01:11:22 EST 2005

Dear All,
I'am not sure if this kind of question can be asked on
this mail-list, if not, sorry about it.
In my project, we need high processing power on
gigabit network interfaces. our system will achive
routing,nat, encryption at minimum 200 Mbits bandwith.
 Firstly we decide to use amcc 440gx(ocotea)(because
of TAH,2 gigabit interfaces etc..) and I had loaded
linux kernel 2.6.10 and also denx's 2.4 kernel for our
board..(with our (linux community) valueable
helps..thanks alot..)
I have tested 440gx routing performance with this two
kernels, for doing this, we had send 64 bytes packets
between two computer,but we could'nt see much more
then 40Mbits routing performance on this tests. I
think the problem with hardware, we have reached the
I need your suggestions,which processor is suitable
for our app or where am I wrong.
Thanks alot for the answers.

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