Mounta Vista Linux prompt on serial console

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Sorry if I am eating away your time .. but now it has come to some stage to decompress image of ramdisk image ( with ext2 in it)

But the problem is that it was stopping at

"No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel". Before that there were no errors. Everthing looks fine Mounted VFS root file system was also seen. From the net I understood is that the fstab file was the cause. So edited the filesytem parameter for / as /dev/ram earlier it used to be /dev/root.

The fstab file is like this.

/dev/ram      /            auto         defaults,errors=remount-ro

/proc         /proc        proc         defaults

So please tell me whether the given fstab file will suffice? The filesystem image was build for ext2. I tried wih CRAMFS but some decompressing error was coming where as the ext2 filesystem image was working fine.

2. I have one more doubt /sbin/init utility comes with what package? Because in /sbin directory although the init binary is present, not shown in the file system heirarchy view. For eg. if I select DHCPD package then able to see dhcpd related binary in the /sbin similarly my question was which package has to be selected to have init included.

Thanks & Regards

Surabhi Srinivas


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In message <EF9B29C78F41FA488927FCBC7750AF0E011DA5D1 at> you wrote:
> cramfs is 2.7MB where as the RAM size is 32MB. While building ofcourse
> the RAMDISK size was told as 8MB. This I mentioned in the devrocket

What has the ramdisk to do  here?  Either  you  are  using  a  cramfs
filesystem, or a ramdisk (probably with an ext2 filesystem in it).

Putting cramfs filesystem in a ramdisk image is a pretty bad idea.

> Here I have one doubt while building the uBoot image using mkImage with
> multi option where was the FileSystem image getting downloaded ? and how

A multi-file image in U-Boot indeed requires a  ramdisk  image.  Then
you  should  not  use a cramfs filesystem. The method for loading tha
ramdisk image is described in the U-Boot "README"  file;  search  for
"positioning of initrd images".

> the downloaded location was known to the kernel Image for pointing out
> the File System image location. The options -a and -e are applicable
> only for first image, isn't it? First image I mean the kernel Image. I

Yes. Only the kernel is executable code and has an entry point.

> YES. You are right I am building the image on x86 (Windows platform).
> But I checked the build log it used the -r option. The default build was
> cpio format and after that using fstool converting to CRAMS and the
> option -r was present .I believe that devrocket of MountaVista has
> makefiles specific to OS i.e for Windows, because while installation it
> asks for what type of OS do you want to have the Image Development
> environment.

Maybe you should ask MV support, then.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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