Lite5200 full duplex support

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Thu Feb 17 07:46:09 EST 2005

Grant Likely wrote:

>I'm using Sylvain's
>bk tree on a lite5200 evb.  I noticed that the FEC driver is hard
>coded to only support half duplex 10/100 auto-negotiation.  Is that
>intentional?  Are there any known problems with running full duplex?
>I modified the code to allow full duplex and I haven't observed any
>problems yet.  (w/ nfsroot and compiling apps on the target natively)
>BTW, here's what I changed:
>drivers/net/fec_mpc52xx/fec_phy.c line 294 (phy_info_lxt971)
>        { mk_mii_write(MII_REG_ANAR, 0x0A1), NULL }, /* 10/100, HD */
>        { mk_mii_write(MII_REG_ANAR, 0x1E1), NULL }, /* 10/100, HD */
I'm not sure actually. I also wondered and forgot to ask the author. I guess
I always tought there was a problem with it without checking.

Good to know it's working. Thanks


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