bdi2000 debugging

Matej Kupljen matej.kupljen at
Wed Feb 16 23:20:50 EST 2005


> > I am trying to debug a problem in a user space application
> > (X windows), which when the process exits, crashes the kernel.
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------
> > Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 4
> > NIP: 000003B4 XER: 00000000 LR: C002B540 SP: C3B8DD10 REGS: c3b8dc60
> Your dump says "sig: 4" (Illegal Instruction), which is different
> from what I see. I get signal 11 (segfault), this is why I'm looking
> after possible memory mapping issues.
> Are you sure you use the right compiler/flags for mpc5200
> when compiling the kernel and X?

Well, I think so, because everything else works.
Mplayer is especially peaky about the compiler, isn't it?
And it works.

Everything works, but when I quit X server, the kernel crashes :-(

NIP points to 000003B4?? Overwritten??
LR points to 0xc002b540 -- 0xc002b478 + 0x00c8   do_generic_file_write

SP seems good.

Still trying to locate it.


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